Babb Kitchen

Robin Babb loves to entertain small and large groups alike, from having the grandchildren over for tea to inviting the whole neighborhood for a holiday celebration, but the home’s original kitchen was inefficient and dark and lacked adequate storage, so was ready for an upgrade.

To brighten up the space, we completely redesigned the lighting layout and added a wider, taller window above the sink to bring in more natural light. To improve kitchen function, we increased the counter area, moved the rangetop to the perimeter and replaced the small two-level island with a larger single-level one. And to improve storage, we tailored the cabinets very specifically to Robin’s needs, including designing a large China pantry to house her collection of dinnerware sets, adding glass-front cabinets up high to display the wonderful pieces she has collected over her lifetime of travel, and even installed a cabinet with a secret door for…

Now the kitchen is bright, easy to work in, and ready for Robin’s next gathering.

“Rainbow Valley was a pleasure to work with. They were always interested in our well being during this remodel. Alec was full of ideas, plans, and dreams. And Michael was there keeping things in control and keeping the project moving. At the end of each day questions had been answered and the remodel area was clean as a whistle. I couldn’t have been happier during this project and was very happy with the end results. Hooray for Rainbow valley, I would use them again and again.”

-Robin Babb