Calandrino-Emmons Paella Patio and Bath

As a creative duo, these clients wanted a useful and protected outdoor space that reflected their vibrant and playful tastes, a place to enjoy the beautiful country views, a place to relax, a place to cook paella. They also wanted to update their bathroom with brighter, more contemporary finishes, and they wanted to separate the tub and shower which was going to be a challenge given that the bathroom was hemmed in on all sides by concrete walls,.

For the outdoor space we designed a larger entry cover that reflected the existing geometry of the home, using painted steel and cedar to create a space large enough to sit in or cook a delicious Spanish dinner. We removed a holly tree to open up the views and moved the adjoining bamboo to the border to add screening from neighbors. Additionally, we added decorative concrete ‘hubs’ at the beginning and end of the new arcing entry path and planted lush, vibrant plants to create a place of joy and beauty to help inspire these two writers.

For the bathroom, we created a tiled wet area for bathing which allowed us to separate the tub and shower within the existing footprint of the bathroom while also elevating the clients’ bathing experience. A short glass block wall provides splash protection and ties this modern space to the mid-century roots of the home. The old painted vanity with tile top was replaced with a new cherry vanity with quartz top and a door was added to connect the bath to an adjacent patio.

The outdoor space Rainbow Valley designed and built for us was a life-changer. We had no way of knowing when we started the project that a pandemic was looming which would force us to move all social events outside for almost two years. The gorgeous porch covering and sumptuous surrounding gardens were like an outdoor haven where we could have socially distanced visits in an extremely comfortable environment … truly, an extension of our home. The grounds and structure have received literally hundreds of rave compliments from friends and family. The project has brought great joy to our lives. Ali and Jon were the absolute best to work with, creative, professional, and eager for our input. A great experience and result all around.

-Paul Calandrino and Cai Emmons