Chambers Courtyard

The interior courtyard of this client’s unique country home had potential but needed help. The client wanted to turn the courtyard into a visual anchor and center piece, as well as create an intimate place of reflection for one or two people. She liked the idea of re-introducing a water feature to the space, but guests had not appreciated the sound of the old fountain which abutted their bedroom walls.

The final design leans on light, texture, and sound to create a dramatic and relaxing focal point at the heart of the home. The custom concrete water feature was pulled away from the wall adjoining the guest bedrooms and placed at the center of the space. Touches of copper and basalt were used to echo existing design details within the home. Floating concrete pads lead to a larger central space that creates enough room for two people to pause and have conversation, or for one person to lay down a yoga mat and greet the new day with their personal practice.